At Uberflieger we back our breeding because we test and research before we breed to ensure we have done our utmost to eradicate or minimise genetic disease or problems in progeny.

We DNA profile and because we are confident in what we are breeding we offer a lifetime guarantee against any  known hereditary illness or disease.

This guarantee is voided should environmental circumstances affect the health or physical being of the dog or puppy raising guidelines have not been adhered to. 

Any complications from desexing is not a condition of guarantee as this is personal choice not a hereditary fault.

The dog must attend a vet  agreed upon by breeder and a second opinion may result. A vet certificate must accompany request for validation of health guarantee.

This guarantee is not an invitation for monetary refund but rather replacement puppy should the occasion result in not being able to be resolved. The outcome is at Uberflieger's discretion.