Seeuferhause sovil harley 

HD 2-3

ED Gr 1

Eye and mouth good/ scissor bite, medium eye color

X Seeuferhause sovil toxi

HD 1-2

ED Gr 1

Eye and mouth good, scissor bite, med/dark eye color.

We are pleased to announce our 'B' litter of 4 Males and 4 Females.

This is a repeat of our previous litter and proud to say have produced wonderful temperaments and good nerve.

Please make contact via email if you are interested in one of our puppies.

Please include the puppy application form which you will find as a download from the home page, just click on puppy application and it will take you to the download file.

All our breeding stock are declared JLPP Clear and have been DNA profiled.

All necessary testing has been done.

Next litter planned will be early 2020

Kiera and Darcy will be part of the breeding program. we are expecting great things from Kiera.

Sires yet to be decided


B Litter pups 5 and half weeks