When you pick your puppy up and take it home with you, be sure you know what it has been eating while with us because a sudden change in diet will most certainly present with tummy upsets and possibly the runs.

While we promote a raw diet, we have kept the diet simple, and easy enough for you the new owner to be able to accomodate with feeding correctly. 

We understand that new owners will feed their own choice of foods and we can only recommend what we feel is best.

Remember also that an 8 week old puppy is not going to eat a kilo of food in one sitting. 

Breaking mealtimes into three times a day if possible is best. 

Young dogs can end up with twisted bowel or bloat due to gulping large amounts of food down at once and then playing.

Make sure your puppy is quiet and calm at least 30 minutes prior to feeding and at least 30 minutes after eating to be safe. This practice should continue throughout the life of your dog.

A good quality beef mince mixed with good quality chicken mince, fresh vegetables, sardines and eggs are all extremely good for your puppy.

A chicken frame or brisket bone may be given also but under supervision.

Never leave your puppy or dog unattended with a bone and if you have more than one dog it is a good idea to feed them bones in seperate areas or better still in their kennels to avoid any confrontation.

Keep kibble or dry food for training.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you be concerned about feeding your puppy.