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The majestic black beauty, the rottweiler.

Back in 1993 I first came to owning my first rotti, after Jessie, there was never going to be another breed that would capture my heart.

Owning, showing and training soon became my passion although rarely do I attend shows, now my interest is in high energy obedience training.

After 25 years, this beautiful breed still captivates and excites to see them at work and play.

The aim of Uberflieger is to produce strong, healthy, stable dogs which adhere to the german breed standard.

We choose carefully when breeding and only use sound true to standard dogs in our breeding program.

We support the rottweiler as a breed and offer support and advice to anyone interested because having educated owners of this breed is of the utmost importance to us.

Our dogs come first...


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

  Uberflieger is proud of our breeding and all relevant testing is done to ensure that no genetic health issues will be passed down through the lines.

Recently we have completed a full DNA profile of our dogs and we are proud to nnounce these have returned a result of clear or negative to genetic, hereditary diseases or faults in our breed.

Our dogs are fed mainly raw meats and vegetable diet. We have a great rapport with our vet through routine visits for puppy health checks or annual check ups.

Our dogs also get exercised daily and trained daily.

They are fit, healthy and robust.



A Furever Friend

The Rottweiler is an exceptional family companion and protector and an equally exceptional working dog.

Bred initially to protect and herd stock then pull the butchers cart and guard the butcher and his money, hence the title 

" butchers dog of Rottweil".

They are a strong energetic dog that loves to be around its family or owner. 

Loyal, courageous, territorial.

They need moderate exercise or training to stimulate body and mind. The rottweiler is classed as a large dog breed.

They do shed hair but a light brush will remove loose coat.

One thing you will discover after you have a Rottweiler, they are very addictive; its very hard to have just one 😉

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Our babies are adopted quickly so contact us to reserve your furever friend or to ask any questions. If purchasing a puppy interests you, please complete our puppy application to go on our waiting list and include it in your email to us. Planned litters will be listed on the litters available page.


Limestone Coast, South Australia

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